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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 130123

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  • Ian
  • Markus ECF
  • Markus
  • Jesse
  • Mike
  • Glyn


  • LTS readiness and simultaneous release - brief update
  • vert.x
  • Panel
  • Servlet bridge 348045

LTS readiness

  • Glyn asked the steering committee to explicitly accept Virgo into LTS
  • Also asked to provide minutes to the decision


  • popular git hub project
  • async web processing framework, similar to node, but written in Java and supports various other languages
  • A proposal is to move it to Eclipse. Some discussion on the PMC it would come under. Seems RT would be a good fit
  • Will it be OSGi enabled. Glyn did some initial investigation and made good progress that indicated it would fit nicely into OSGi.
  • Ian looking to find where they are discussing.


  • EclipseCon Panel
    • Topics
      • Technology vs RT PMCs?
      • Marketing around RT?
      • RT Release schedule?
      • Need for common repository for RT?
    • Who is on the Panel - Tom, Glyn, Gunnar?, Scott?, Markus or Ralf from RAP? Pascal or Ian? EclipseLink (Doug or Sean)
    • Ian to ask for a Moderator - David Carver?

bug 348045

    • Some discussions around the removal of the servletbridge.extensionbundle. This bundle is causing grief to the community because its meta-data does not accurately reflect the packages it provides for javax.servlet. The current thinking is to stop building this bundle.

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