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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 121128

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  • Tom
  • Christian
  • Mike
  • Glyn
  • Ian


  • New PMC co-lead
  • Eclipse Con RT track status
  • eRCP is terminating
  • LTS Thread - Glyn sent a note asking for status. Andrew responded. Looks like LTS is going to move forward with a proposal based on our input.

New PMC co-lead

  • Vote has occurred. No objections and Glyn will be the new co-lead replacing Christian.
  • Tom will send a note to rt-pmc asking Wayne what to do next. Need a board approval.

Eclipse Con RT track

  • Announcements should be coming soon for speakers
  • Only 10 slots so the selection is tight. Panel will likely get in.

eRCP is terminating

  • Glyn notes a question to Wayne about package renames. Waiting for a response.
  • PMC is in agreement to let the cvs repo get archived.

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