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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 121031

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  • Tom
  • Mike
  • Markus
  • Ian
  • Glyn


  • Abstract for RT Panel at EclipseCon
  • EclipseRT track vs OSGi DevCon
  • RT web site

Previous Action Items

  • Glyn sent the RT proposal for RT criteria to participate in LTS to the LTS committee.
  • Ian to talk the planning council about API usage vs non-API usage and the requirements for bug reports to document all usage of internals.

RT Panel

  • RT Symposium? Not sure we want to limit or remove one of the EclipseRT tutorials for an RT symposium. For now we decided against this.
  • Ian will put the finishing touches on the RT Panel abstract
    • Need to find a moderator

EclipseRT vs OSGi DevCon

  • Need to make sure we have an a good amount of representation in the EclipseRT track.
  • The split between the two tracks can seem artificial at times.
  • Ian is on the EclipseCon PC and Tom is on the OSGi DevCon PC
    • We should be able to work out how to split the talks between the two
  • Some concern over scheduling when we have separate tracks that overlap in time slots

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