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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 121003

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  • Glyn
  • Tom
  • Ian


  • eRCP status?
  • Planning Meeting (retrospective)
  • Negative Requirements (A.PDE target hack)
  • RT projects, LTS and the release train
  • Juno SR1 status

eRCP status

  • Note sent to ercp-dev mailing list indicating the intent to terminate
    • Only one response from a consumer of eRCP voicing concerns about building
    • Tom got privately contacted by Eric MF Hsu the last committer of the project. He agrees it is time to terminate.

RT projects, LTS and release train

  • Need to review the note from Glyn and respond
    • Briefly looked at the list proposed by Glyn during the call. Did not disagree with anything on the list and (so far) did not find additional requirements add for RT projects in LTS

Juno SR1 status

  • A buckminster fix is needed
  • Need to respin SR1 for EPPs only

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