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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 120919

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RT PMC Meeting: Sept 19 2012



Markus  (RAP)
Markus (ECF)


Call for paper for EclipseCon went out. Jesse suggested that we have a panel on the future of RT.

  • Discuss how people consume Eclipse RT
  • What is Eclipse RT
  • How do we make lives easier for our community
  • Do a community survey ahead of time to prime the pannel to see how people use RT. Maybe Ian S. and the foundation can help.

Release Train

  • If we want to push to Maven, we need to get the orbit stuff to maven too
  • What are the maven co-ordinates
  • What versions do things hook too (transitive dependencies)
  • Duplication of artifacts (Eclipse OSGi versions are different)
  • Linning up the versions doesn't make as much sense in RT as it does in the IDE

Glyn to have a call to determine if Virgo must be on the train to participate in LTS.

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