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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 120905

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  • Jesse
  • Doug
  • Tom
  • Ian
  • Gunnar
  • Markus
  • Christian
  • Mike


  • Juno retrospective

Juno retrospective

  • Concerns
    • The SimRel repository is of little value for many of the RT projects.  While some people do consume EclipseRT projects this way, many don't.
    • Starter kits and other artifacts were a great idea, but they kind of fizzled out.
    • Some RT Projects see the train as 'more work with less benefit'.  That is, the extra steps required (docware, deadlines, etc..), is not worth the 'advantages' of being on the train.
    • Even if a project doesn't do the work to be in the SimRel repo, it will likely end up there anyways (others depend on Jetty for example).
    • Should we consider a separate release for RT?
      • Treat it more like a Maven repository. Each release does not result in a new repo.
      • Also have a maven repo that contains the RT stuff
      • Why have a separate date or separate release?
  • Advantages
    • LTS?
    • Publicity, but is it the right target audience for RT?
    • Helps with IP log?
    • Provides a predictable schedule for releases

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