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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 120822

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  • Christian
  • Markus
  • Mike
  • Ian
  • Tom


  • Juno retrospective
  • Planning call
  • Rap 2.0
  • p2 negative requirements

Planning Call

  • Starting a retrospective
    • What went well what didn't go well
  • Finalized the agenda for the Kepler release

Rap 2.0

  • Finished up as much changes as possible for Kepler M1
    • changed p2 URLs
    • separating the rap tooling from the target runtimes
    • a migration guide has been sent: RAP 2.0 Migration Guide
    • could effect Riena, Scout, Gyrex runtime projects.
  • Riena is planning to join by M4, not in M1
  • Scout plans to join for Kepler

p2 negative requirements

  • To replace A.PDE.Target.Platform hacks
  • Should be added to anything that conflicts. For example, SWT vs RWT from RAP.
  • The Aggregator build fails to build now with these negative requirements
    • need multiple validation sets. In the past only had one validation set
      • IDE validation set
      • RAP validation set
      • Core or master validation set? Would be used for common things

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