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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 120404

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  • Tom
  • Glyn
  • Jesse
  • Christian


  • Gyrex plans to more to RT
  • EclipseCon recap
  • Committer votes
  • JavaScript CQs
  • Drop Jetty RT products


  • Seems a good fit for RT.
    • The project plans to graduate and have a move review this Summer.

Drop Jetty RT products

  • Jetty team is considering dropping the RT packaging projects
  • Burden to the jetty team
  • Unclear what benefit they have.
  • Leave this kind of thing up to the Virgo project.

Committer votes

  • Veto seems to be irreversible.
  • PMC members should avoid -1 unless the really want to prevent the vote
  • project leads should post to the mailing list if there is any question

JavaScript CQs

  • MooTools got rejected because the alternative JQuery is available.
  • Plan to migrate to JQuery for Virgo.

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