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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 120208

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  • Tom W.
  • Glyn
  • Christian
  • Mike
  • Thomas M.


  • Riena and Juno
  • Virgo and Juno

Riena and Juno

  • e-mail thread with e4 team and Riena team
    • Riena cannot create a production ready version based on 4.2 for Juno
    • Very dependent on 3.x workbench.
    • Very difficult to support both 4.x and 3.x at the same time
    • Riena can still participate in in Juno but may not be able to contribute directly to the Juno common repository.
  • Planning for how to get Riena to work on 4.x in Kepler.

Virgo and Juno

  • Virgo Nano is what is going into Juno
    • SAP is driving the effort
    • Tom has concerns about IP team handling the large number of CQs in time.

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