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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 120125

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  • Tom
  • Jesse
  • Christian
  • Glyn
  • Mike


  • e4
  • Release of Jetty
  • Gemini Naming
  • Signing

Gemini Naming

  • Going to graduate and release Gemini Naming
  • Mike asks about what to do with the top Gemini project now that the subprojects are graduating. Does it now graduate.
    • Mike to send note to EMO to ask.

Release of Jetty

  • 8.1.0 and 7.6.0 is releasing very soon


  • Riena must move to the new workbench model
  • There has been an open question about if 4.x is going to be in Juno.
    • This issue has been cleared up by the eclipse UI team recently.

Common Build Infrastructure

  • Much concern over forcing projects to move to a particular build technology and the foundation inhibiting agility of projects at eclipse.

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