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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110629

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  • Jeff
  • Glyn
  • Markus
  • Tom
  • Mike


  • Requests to put things in Maven
  • Jeff stepping down as PMC lead


  • what is the process for putting things in
  • RT type people are probably more accustom to using Maven
  • there is some confusion around what is happening
  • Tom to add some bug pointers
  • hoping for a simple process that allows for released things to be put in a maven repo
  • Mike to follow up with Dave Carver and will follow up with the group

New PMC lead

  • Jeff would like to step down as PMC lead to focus on some other work
  • The PMC should start looking for someone else to take the leadership role
  • It is unclear if Jochen is available to re-engage in the PMC

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