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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110309

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  • Tom
  • Christian
  • Glyn
  • Jesse
  • Doug
  • Peter


  • Virgo, Equinox and regions
  • Enterprise uTube

Virgo and Equinox

  • Looking to reuse some low level code for controlling isolation.
  • The plan is have a move review to move the code into Equinox.
    • Potential usecases outside of Virgo, including implementing the subsystems RFC.

Enterprise OSGi uTube channel

  • There is a new uTube channel for OSGi Enterprise
  • Eclipse RT projects should consider making something available on this channel.


  • Next PMC call is in the middle of EclipseCon.
  • Should cancel the call.
  • Should PMC members present at the conference try to meet?

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