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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110112

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  • Tom
  • Mike K
  • Shawn
  • Peter K
  • Jesse
  • Jeff
  • Glyn


  • Happy New Year
  • RTP status
  • Indigo issues
  • Jetty CQs

RTP packageing project

- They have had the first meeting - Creation review coming up - We should be thinking of what packages to put forward. Start with the OSGi and Web starter kits. Others?

Indigo issues

  • Now is the time to think of any release/delivery issues related to RT and indigo.
  • Things like preventing the installation of Target Components into the IDE
  • Perhaps source bundle management

Jetty CQs

  • Jetty is adding JSP 2.2 and Servlet 3.0 to Orbit
  • In the past there have been some issues because folks have wider consumption ranges and the JSP folks may break on minor version number changes. Adding 2.2 to Orbit may cause folks to get "upgraded" by default.
  • Suggest posting messages on orbit-dev and cross-project mailing lists.

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