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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 101201

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  • Jeff
  • Markus
  • Tom
  • Mike
  • Christian


  • RT-related books, videos and related publications in the Eclipse Series
  • Standards policy

Books etc

  • look for lighter weight ways of getting content out there
  • Riena team (Christian) might be interested in video and other light approaches
  • ECF team is gathering content but its early


  • Scott from ECF has raised some issues related to standards use/implementation/... policy
  • We discussed this in the call and no one was able to clearly articulate the problem or propose solutions.
  • Integration, collaboration and cooperation between Eclipse projects is the expected norm and is not related to standards per se
  • We could do a better job of advertising what standards the various projects implement. Perhaps a "standards" section on the RT website?
  • For now we have tabled the general discussion until someone can make some concrete proposals for policies.

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