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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 101006

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  • Jeff
  • Jesse
  • Tom
  • Christian
  • Doug


  • RT website
  • IP/CQ status with the IP team
  • CQ review
  • Jetty contribution for WTP adapter

RT Website

  • Jeff has been doing some prototyping to update the website.
  • Need to work on content. In particular, cross-project RT-ish things like getting started, downloads etc. Essentially the four buttons on the banner and what should be in the menu bar.

IP/CQ Status

  • no word from the IP team

CQ review

  • none

Jetty WTP adapter

  • Jetty has been given a Jetty adapter for WTP
  • WTP thinks that the adapter should be at Jetty
  • This seems to work and gives the team the power to update the adapter to match evolving Jetty function

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