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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 100714

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  • Tom W.
  • Mark R.
  • Glyn N.
  • Mike K.
  • Markus K.
  • Jeff M.


  • Revisit the specification License discussion from the May 5, 2010 meeting
    • Suggest we use a wiki page for PMC members to list implemented specifications.
  • Discuss improvements to the process of CQ approval by PMC


Specification Licenses

  • Mike K. - action item to talk to legal about what they think is the best approach.
    • A wiki may be good from a public point of view and is good information for the community
    • A CQ may be needed from IP teams POV to get a record of approval.

Improvements to CQ process

  • Is a meeting needed to clear them out?
  • Is it better to assign to a person instead of put it out to a group?
  • Jeff suggests more PMC members jump in to approve CQs.
  • Glyn meeting about SVT dependencies with IP team tomorrow.
  • Glyn to go locate the thread and put it in the appropriate CQs.
  • Document a decision tree that CQ submitters use to answer questions when opening a CQ
    • PMC members +1 when they agree with the submitters answers.

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