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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 100616

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  • Jeff M
  • Jesse M
  • Markus K
  • Tom W
  • Mark R
  • Glyn N


  • Recap Test dependencies
  • EclipseRT Starter Kits

Test Dependencies

  • over the past couple months there has been lots of discussion around the IP process. We recapped some of that and encouraged people to look at and review the RT/IP FAQ. The doc is currently in draft form. In the end the Eclipse IP team will address the various questions and give guidance to the community.

EclipseRT Starter Kits

  • Hugues from Jetty has been creating two Starter Kits (OSGi and Web) for consumption by the EclipseRT community
  • The idea is to give people an easy to run/use starting point for using EclipseRT in various scenarios
  • This is much like the EPP packages
  • Current downloads. Of course these will quickly go stale...
  • He has been creating a set of wiki pages to guide users. see Jetty/Tutorial/EclipseRT-Jetty-Starter-Kit for a flavor.

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