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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 100519

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  • Jeff M
  • Jesse M
  • Shawn S
  • Christian C
  • Markus K
  • Tom W
  • Doug C


  • Build and test dependencies
  • SDK naming in the target platform
  • IP log granularity
  • OSGi Licensing recap

Build and Test dependencies

  • enable Virgo to proceed
  • Jesse's email capturing the situation is a good description
  • there are similar cases in Equinox (servlet bridge) and EclipseLink
  • focus on the IP status for the output
  • still a challenge to generalize. Perhaps wait until some other cases come up

SDK naming

  • recap of discussion from several weeks ago
  • In this meeting we decided to use Target Components for the things that go in the target platform category
  • Jeff to send mail

IP log granularity

  • recapped the progress on this
  • Wayne and Janet are putting together a clarification
  • for now projects should defer work in this area until the clarification is available

OSGi Licensing

  • Tom summarized the OSGi licensing situation
  • various CQs are being opened for the OSGi specs.

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