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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 100407

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  • Jeff McAffer
  • Tom Watson
  • Jesse McConnell
  • Mike Keith
  • Sebastian Voigt
  • Glyn Normington
  • Mark Rogalski


  • Christian Campo
  • Doug Clarke
  • Jochen Krause


  • Welcome new members and a few rules of the road
  • SDK, runtime and tooling features
  • Alternating schedule (day of week) for the con call to accommodate all participants
  • How to fix screwed up committer vote


  • Overall goal of the RT PMC is to coordinate and collaborate the EclipseRT related projects.
  • We do not drive or control the projects but help and facilitate.
  • Various topics on CQs, voting, ...
  • Pointed out that PMC members should not be voting on their own stuff. We want to encourage visibility and collaboration into what the other projects are doing and have a very modest amount of checks and balances.
  • Brand discussion. should use EclipseRT as much as possible. RT is this project's name but the RT project stuff is just part of EclipseRT.
  • NOTE: I said it wrong in the call. The correct spelling is EclipseRT (with a capital E). The model is the same as with Eclipse. Textually it is E, graphically it is e.

SDK, runtime and tooling features

  • long discussion around the differences and roles and purposes of the various features.
  • There is a need for documenting this. Jeff and Tom have the ball on that
  • Strongly encouraged folks who are on the Helios train to put one (or perhaps two) SDK feature in the Target Platform category

Meeting scheduling

  • Consider alternating days: thought is that alternating days would be confusing
  • What would be a different day? Not sure we can decide on the call.
  • Suggest that Markus follow up on the PMC mailing list to see what different day would work.

Committer Vote

  • A vote got rejected by accident. Just send an email to the EMO to clear things up.

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