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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 091202

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  • Tom Watson
  • Jesse McConnell
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Shawn Smith (filling in for Doug)


  • Review of Helios Participation Document
  • rt-security mailing list?
  • RT white paper


Planning call input

Security Mailing List

  • Security mailing list bug 276585
    • Bug got closed as invalid. Need more support.
    • Do we have a need for this?
      • With the folks on the call we thought it sounded useful.
      • Jesse to reopen bug for more discussion.

RT white paper

  • Revamping the EclipseRT website
  • CODA white paper exists but does not define EclipseRT
  • Need to take more of a solution approach to the document
    • document how to solve 5 problems
    • 4-5 pages, idea is to point folks to project for more information
  • Using an external writer
  • First draft already out, second draft in a week or so

RT PMC membership

  • [TODO] Left over from November 4th meeting - Jeff to send a message to the list to propose all projects have a member etc.

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