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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 091007

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  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • Ian
  • Jesse
  • Mark


  • Eclipse RT Logo
  • JSP support CQs
  • Eclipse RT Day / ESE
  • Java 5


  • Eclipse RT Logo
    • Need to start using it now.
    • Usage guidelines are on the wiki RT Marketing page and EclipseRT Logos.
    • Need an icon version of the logo, for things like feature icons.
    • Jeff should blog?
    • Tom will bring it up to the planning council for splash screen update in Helios.
    • We probably need an ingredient brand (RT inside logo).
    • Thought is the current RT logo should not go in tooling projects (e.g. WTP, Eclipse SDK).
  • Eclipse RT Day / ESE
    • Need to make sure speakers are aware of the need to showcase EclipseRT, not product pitch.
    • ESE Goal to get the RT technology folks together to discuss issues and talk about the cool things we are doing. Get involved in the RT symposium and RT tutorial.
  • JSP support CQs
    • Glassfish has forked to, but glassfish is not currently using it. Probably keep the glashfish branch.
    • Binary dependency, jetty currently patches it in codehaus. Moving the patches into Glashfish (or version).
    • Goal is to bring it into orbit as-is
  • Jetty is having a project release of jetty 7 to mavin central.
    • Next step is to have an official eclipse release of jetty 7.
    • Currently has an update site at eclipse that has only eclipse sanctioned stuff. But it is not signed.
    • The release is raw jetty, does not run within OSGi.
    • Need to get with Simon to try and get the latest into the SDK.

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