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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 090715

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  • Jeff McAffer
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Thomas Watson
  • Christian Campo
  • Oliver Wolf
  • Jochen Krause


New Swordfish project lead

Oliver is proposing to step down as lead and nominate Zsolt as the new lead.

  • Oliver has multiple roles and this seems like too much for one person
  • Looking to split up the roles to move leadership
  • There was some discussion around co-leadership, or how the roles should be split.
  • As a result of the discussion, Oliver will go back to the project team and discuss. We will defer the vote until he comes back.

Approving own project things

There are a few instances of people self approving things. Mailing list, CQs, ...

  • Jochen proposes that we formalize this a little bit and consider self-approval as a bad practice.
  • Conflict of interest issues are apparent/possible
  • There is a tension between openness and the knowledge of what is going on in the projects
  • VOTE: "We will avoid PMC members being the sole approver for requests/votes from their own project." - Unanimously agreed to.
  • Jochen to send a message to the RT PMC to report.

Logo next steps

There were some more images sent out last June.

  • Looking good
  • a few tweaks
    • no gradianet on letters
    • RT in different color (just ask the artist)
    • Complete top disk to see
    • Smooth the gradients on the disks from front to back just to see.
    • Also try remove all the gradients from the disks

Update on RT days

Ian is starting to reach out for sponsors on RT days

  • thinking sometime in Nov
  • 1-2 North American cities
  • about 100 people
  • looking for better idea by the next meeting
  • potential for back to back event with a Modeling day

Amazon Web Services hosting

Eclipse RT in the cloud as examples

  • Amazon is donating services for downloads, look to get some images running there as well.
  • Put together a program to have some projects hosting examples and testbeds (e.g., scalability)
  • Ian is going follow up with Amazon and get back next call

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