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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 090520

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  • Tom Watson
  • Christian Campo
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Jochen Krause
  • Jesse Mcconnell


  • Logo update
    • Discussed how the meeting week last week with the graphic designer.
    • A logo should be available to review in the next day or so.
    • The proposed logo will be posted to the mailing list.
  • Galileo topics
    • Things we would like to do different for the release.
    • Distinguishing between runtime and tooling projects, can we do better.
    • Must-Dos and Should-Dos, how to do better.
    • Building with PDE-Build is hard. Will CBI help in the next release.
    • What version of jetty will we use in the next release, will jetty participate in the next train?
  • Release review
    • eRCP
    • What are the steps?
      • RT projects should send slide decks for release to the PCM mailing list.
      • Release review for a train: All slides will be consolidated into one deck.
      • Jochen to get the information for where to send the slides after PMC approval.
      • Dates:
        • May 29 is deadline for submitting the docuware
        • June 3 for submitting iplog
        • June 10 is the review date

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