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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 090429

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  • Tom Watson
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Jochen Krause
  • Christian Campo


  • Jeff McAffer


  • EclipseRT Branding
    • Discussed RT_Marketing_page
    • Should we have a consistent branding look across all RT projects? Or just focus on the overal EclipseRT brand. Similar to intel inside logo.
    • Ian to set up a meeting with a graphic designer. Would like to have PMC members join, Jochem Krause and Tom to join (others?).
  • Update on the SDK Features for the Galileo repository.
  • Eclipse RT on the welcome page of the SDK?
    • Tom to get with Chris A from PDE to see if we have existing samples we can link into the welcome.
    • Concerns about adding links or content to projects not included in the SDK.

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