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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 090311

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  • Jeff McAffer
  • Tom Watson
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Doug Clarke
  • Jochen Krause

Galileo delivery

  • get the story straight wrt target provisioning
  • perhaps work with the RAP team to prototype
  • two cases: add to current target, create a new target
  • both seem to be required

Voting for Mark

  • Some time ago we discussed the addition of Mark Rogalski to the PMC but the ball dropped
  • Agreed that Jeff would post a mailing list vote to move this forward. Apologies to Mark.

Galileo Requirements

  • Orbit
    • how do we know that the third party libs a project is using are shared
    • Doug will follow up with the Galileo build team to see what/if there is a process or mechanism
  • i18n
    • Runtime projects often have no UI so how does this relate to the train requirements
    • We need to be realistic with what gets translated (e.g., no log entries etc)

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