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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 090128

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  • Jeff McAffer (-13C/-21C/Snow)
  • Tom Watson (-3C/icy)
  • Christian Campo (0C)

Riena update

  • Release review call today
  • Joining Galileo so walking the bug process
  • Working on the build model
  • using FindBugs to track issues. Findbugs annotation mechanism helps but requires small JARs to be put in the projects for annotations to be compiled into the code.

Branding Must Do

  • looking to improve the branding
  • In particular the end of the release notes
  • Set the Bundle-Provider to - <project name>

OSGi EEG specs

  • There are some new specs around RFC66 and other server infrastructure
  • Equinox will look to open CQs to add the JARs

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