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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 080924

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  • Jeff McAffer
  • Tom Watson
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Gorkem Ercan
  • Jochen Krause



  • eRCP has two releases coming up. The planning system only allows one at a time.
  • Issues with the Bug queries in the eRCP plan. Not rendering. Will look at entering a bug report or post to mailing list

Moving eRCP

  • Was thinking of doing several projects but it may not be worth it as the current committer sets are largely the same.
  • eSWT has a larger community
  • They are also looking at creating an incubator project for P3ML
  • Move review to be scheduled soon

Planning Council

  • Tom and Doug have expressed an interest
  • We should get someone on the council as it is getting well into the cycle
  • Key topic is driving the RT inclusion in the train
  • RT is not tooling and there may be different contexts/expectations/requirements
  • Markus Knauer is on the council and leads EPP but does not have deep involvement in the RT project/PMC
  • Concluded that Tom will be the RT representative on the planning council.

CQ approval process

  • Who on the PMC should be approving CQs
  • We should share the load
  • What should people look at.
    • Size
    • Is it used in Orbit, will it be contributed to Orbit
    • Prereq on things that there is no alternative
    • Are there alternatives
  • Concluded that we would share the load and if there are question, PMC members will send mail to the PMC mailing list to discuss with the rest of the team.

Next Meeting

October 8, 2008 at 0900 ET, Agenda: RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 081008

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