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All Eclipse projects are managed by a group known as the Project Management Committee (the "PMC").

PMCs are expected to ensure that:

  • All Projects operate effectively by providing leadership to guide the Project's overall direction and by removing obstacles, solving problems, and resolving conflicts.
  • All Project plans, technical documents and reports are publicly available
  • All Projects operate using open source rules of engagement: meritocracy, transparency, and open participation. These principles work together. Anyone can participate in a Project. This open interaction, from answering questions to reporting bugs to making code contributions to creating designs, enables everyone to recognize and utilize the contributions.

The PMC has the following responsibilities:

  • Providing the leadership and vision to guide the Project's overall direction and architecture.
  • Providing assistance and support to the developers and researchers working on the Project by removing obstacles, solving problems, and resolving conflicts.
  • Ensuring that Project plans are produced.
  • Working with the Eclipse Management Organization (the "EMO") to establish the development processes and infrastructure needed for the development team to be effective.
  • Recommending new Projects to the EMO.
  • Recommending the initial set of Project committers for each new Project overseen by the PMC, and establishing the procedures consistent with this Charter for voting in new committers.
  • Helping to ensure that the Projects overseen by the PMC have enough contributors, and working to fill vacancies in roles.
  • Producing "how to get involved" guidelines to help new potential contributors get started.
  • Coordinating relationships with other Eclipse Foundation Projects.
  • Facilitating code or other donations by individuals or companies.
  • Making recommendations to the Eclipse Foundation Board regarding contributions proposed under licenses other than the EPL.
  • Working with the EMO and Committers to ensure in-bound contributions are made in accordance with the Eclipse Foundation IP Policy.
  • Acting as a focal point for the community in representing the Projects it oversees.

The PMC Lead is appointed by the Board. The initial PMC is selected by the PMC Lead. Thereafter, to become a member of the PMC, an individual must be nominated by another member of the PMC, and unanimously approved by all PMC members.

In the unlikely event that a member of the PMC becomes disruptive to the process or ceases to contribute for an extended period, the member may be removed by unanimous vote of remaining PMC members. PMC members may resign at any time by delivering notice of their resignation to the PMC Lead.

The PMC is responsible for producing and maintaining the Project Charter. Development must conform to any rules or processes outlined in the Charter, so a change to the development process may necessitate a change to the Charter. Changes to the Charter are approved by the Board.

The work of the PMC is shared by the PMC members. All PMC members are expected to contribute actively. In particular, PMC members are expected to take responsibility for overseeing certain areas of work in the Project, and reporting to the PMC on these areas.

Active participation in the user forums and the appropriate developer mailing lists is a responsibility of all PMC members, and is critical to the success of the Project. PMC members are required to monitor the main Project mailing list, and the developer mailing lists for all Projects and components they are overseeing.

The original text for this page was taken from the Eclipse Top-Level Project's Charter. This page is moderated by the EMO.

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