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Papyrus and Modeling Technologies Developer Summit at EclipseCon Europe 2014

Join us for a full day Developer Summit and Dinner at EclipseCon Europe 2014 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
It will be held Tuesday October 28, 2014 and is open to all committers, contributors and interested parties that are registered for EclipseCon. Register for EclipseCon Europe on the ECE website. To register for the Summit, add your name to the Attendee list below.

Developer summits are helping to accelerate the work inside specific Eclipse projects, it is the place to be for design discussions, addressing scalability, resolving complex technical issues, etc. in other words, real developer work! The list of focused projects for this year are:

To help structure the summit, please:

  1. add your name to the attendees section below
  2. add agenda items you would like to see discussed

The below agenda may evolve as proposed topics are added and attendees sign-up.


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Co-located with EclipseCon Europe 2014.
Forum am Schlosspark
Wilhelm-Kramer-Zimmer Room



  • Welcome and agenda adjustment


  • A newcomer's perspective on the Papyrus Project (Christian Damus: Slideshare)
    • First impressions and expectations, in the technology and the development activity
    • Observations of change over the past two releases
    • Brief discussion of current technical and procedural issues
  • GMF Tooling diagram generation in Papyrus (Florian Noyrit Diagram Generation & DD in Papyrus, Michael Golubev)
    • Roadmap for the GMF project
    • Papyrus requirements for diagram code generation, esp. in extensibility
    • About DD implementation in Papyrus
    • Discussion: what needs to be improved in the Papyrus/GMF collaboration and how?


  • Break


  • Panel: Model validation and OCL (Ed Willink, moderator)
    • List of panelists to be announced
    • Open discussion of the nature and solutions for current issues in model validation, e.g.
      • Overlap of validation capabilities amongst projects (e.g., EMF, Papyrus, Sirius, Sphinx, ECP)
      • Architectural concerns: which projects should be responsible for what? Where to host commonly useful capabilities?
      • OCL evolution: bringing projects up to speed with the Pivot environment
      • Liveliness of validation-related projects: how to maintain Eclipse's wealth of assets with scant resources?


  • Lunch provided by EclipseCon

13:30-16:20 Collaborative Modeling ( PDF)

  • Collaboration on EMF-based models: state of the art in Eclipse (Philip Langer, Maximilian Kögel)
    • What are the most important use cases and how are they currently supported?
    • What are the most urgent problems with the current state and what is missing?
    • How could we address these problems and which technologies do we need to integrate with each other?
  • EGit for model based collaboration (Mikael Barbero).
    • Why "logical model" support is so important?
    • What are the needs of the modeling community regarding EGit?
    • Issues around command line merge / mergetool with logical model support ?
  • EMF Compare (Mikael Barbero).
    • How did we addressed the computation of the scope of a comparison? What are the limitations? What are the possible directions to provide generic model index support to the workspace?
    • Usability. Current state (merge consequences highlighting, merge preview, UI responsiveness). Discussion about conflict resolving strategies, feedback to the user etc.
    • Extensibility.
  • Gerrit for model change reviews (Edwin Kempin)
    • How can Gerrit help with reviewing model changes?
    • What is the current state in terms of reviewing model changes with Gerrit?
    • Where can we improve? What are current difficulties?
    • What are the plans from a Gerrit project perspective?


  • Break


  • Tool integration an team collaboration with ModelBus (Tom Ritter ModelBus)
    • Synchronising parallel work on models with EGit
    • Integrated dependency management
    • Migration of models between Papyrus and other tools
    • Traceability across tool boundaries
  • Gerrit Eclipse Connector for model change reviews ()
    • How can the Eclipse Gerrit Connector help with reviewing model changes?
    • What is the current state in terms of reviewing model changes with Eclipse and its Gerrit connector?
    • Where can we improve? What are current difficulties?
  • Panel: Collaborating on models and reviewing model changes (Ulf Olssen, moderator)
    • Where are the main challenges from an end user perspective?
    • What are the main technical challenges and how can we solve them?
    • How can the EGit, EMFCompare, Eclipse Gerrit Connector help solving the challenges?
    • How will the projects interact to do so?
  • Practical DSL development with UML (Klaas Gadeyne)
    • Real-world experience of using UML (profiles) and other Eclipse modelling technologies to build DSLs
    • How can this experience help to inform the Papyrus roadmap?
    • Discussion


  • Summit dinner free of charge at the restaurant
    • Great food, beer, wine and good company!

Presentations slides


  1. Dominique Toupin - Ericsson
    • EGit for modeling, modeling peer review, tracing/debugging at the model level, modeling runtime, CDT Integration, etc.
  2. Mikael Barbero - Obeo
    • EMF Compare, EGit for modeling, modeling peer review
  3. Francis Bordeleau - Ericsson
    • Papyrus and open source modeling tool solution
  4. Maximilian Koegel - EclipseSource
    • Collaboration on Models: EMFCompare, EGit, Gerrit, Mylyn
  5. Philip Langer - EclipseSource
    • Collaboration on Models: EMFCompare, EGit, Gerrit, Mylyn
  6. Remi Schnekenburger - CEA LIST
    • Papyrus, modeling runtime
  7. Sebastien Gerard - CEA LIST
    • Papyrus, modeling runtime, tracing/debugging
  8. Gaël Blondelle - Eclipse Foundation
    • PolarSys
  9. Edwin Kempin - SAP AG
    • Gerrit
  10. Christian W. Damus
    • Papyrus, UML2, GMF/EMF run-time components
  11. Edward D. Willink - Willink Transformations Ltd.
    • Papyrus, UML2, OCL, Code Gen, ..., QVT
  12. Xavier Plavis - Airbus Defence & Space / Space System
    • Papyrus UML modeler, collaboration on models: EMFCompare, EGit, Gerrit, Mylyn
  13. Tom Ritter
    • ModelBus distributed modelling, tracebillity, migration and tool integration
  14. Johan Hardy - Spacebel S.A.
    • Papyrus UML modeler, UML Profiles, UML2, Acceleo, CDT
  15. Ed Merks
    • EMF, Eclipse Modeling Project, etc.
  16. Klaas Gadeyne - Flanders' Mechatronics Technology Centre - Strategic Research Centre Manufacturing Industry
    • Papyrus, DSL design using UML profiles, OCL
  17. Thomas Schuetz - PROTOS Software
    • Papyrus Profile and eTrice for ROOM (Realtime Object Oriented Modeling), modeling runtime
  18. Michael Golubev - Montages
    • GMF Tooling
  19. Charles Rivet - Zeligsoft
    • Papyrus, UML, UML-RT, OCL, SysML, MARTE, profiles, DSML, transformation/code generation, runtime service libraries, model execution
  20. Lars Gelin - Ericsson
    • Papyrus user, UML, UML-RT, profiles, DSML, EMF, transformation/code generation, EMFCompare, EGit, Gerrit
  21. Toni Siljamäki - Ericsson
    • Papyrus user, UML, UML-RT, profiles, DSML, EMF, transformation/code generation, EMFCompare, EGit, Gerrit
  22. Camille Letavernier - CEA LIST
    • GEF4, GMF Tooling, OCL & EMF Validation, EMF Compare
  23. Christian Halstrick - SAP AG
    • EGit, JGit
  24. Ansgar Radermacher - CEA LIST
    • UML-RT, code generation, OCL, EMF / Papyrus validation, component based systems (unified component model)
  25. Michael Nestler – Airbus Defence and Space
    • Topcased/Papyrus modeler
  26. Marcel Mager - SV Informatik
    • UML modeler; looking for EMF / Papyrus capabilities for collaboration and migration
  27. Vincenzo Caselli - RCP Vision
    • looking for EMF / SysML Papyrus interoperability, OCL
  28. Maxence Vanbésien - Worldline
    • Papyrus modelling & extending, Code Generation, Collaborative work with models, CLI upon models
  29. Ulf Olsson - Ericsson
    • Papyrus user, architectural modeling, EMFCompare, EGit, Gerrit
  30. Etienne Juliot - Obeo (attend only the afternoon)
    • Team Collaboration (EMF Compare, EGit, Model Review), Polarsys.
  31. Florian Noyrit - CEA LIST
    • Diagram editors development in Papyrus
  32. Istvan Rath - BUTE/IncQuery Labs
    • EMF-IncQuery

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