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Papyrus/Oxygen Work Description/Refactoring/Tests

Tests Refactoring

The current tests should get an overall refactoring so as to improve their robustness and modularity.


This work will follow the following steps:

  1. Replicate the plugin architecture to improve the user navigation.
  2. Split the test suites to improve the execution time and detection of failed tests.
  3. Improve tests' console feedback to pinpoint possible failures.

Work done

The following changes can be witnessed in the following gerrit contributions (Master branch, i.e. oxygen):

  1. deletion of old and outdated tests:
  2. moving tests to relevant folders and creation of new suites from the old monolithic one:

Upcoming works

  1. The poms are still an issue that will be adressed as they do not point to their immediate parent. A gerrit is drafted and will need to be reviewed for it to be merged.
  2. The tests plugins could signal themselves using debug console output so as to display their names when launched.

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