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Papyrus/Oxygen Work Description/NewFeature/ParametricDiagramTasks

Parametric Diagram Tasks


Here will be listed the tasks concerning the SysML1.4 Parametric Diagram for the last version.


The bugzilla items concerning the SysML1.4 Parametric Diagram are available here

Managed items

  • Parameters can be managed as Border items in the top Contraint Block (Bug 512306 - [SysML1.4][Parametric] Create a parameter in a top ContraintBlock does not create the Parameter_BorderItem)
  • Palette modification:
    • FlowPort managed as deprecated in palette (Bug 514065 - [SysML1.4][Parametric] Manage FlowPort as Deprecated in Palette)
    • Remove Continous, Discrete and Rate from palette (Bug 514301 - [SysML 1.4] Remove Continuous, Rate and Discrete from palettes)

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