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Papyrus-RT/User/User Guide/Papyrus-RT Installer

Installing Papyrus-RT using the Papyrus-RT Installer

Installation Steps

You need to install Java 8 (64 bits). You can obtain it here. Note that Papyrus-RT will not work with Java 9 or with a 32-bit version of Java 8, or Java 7 and below.

1. Go to the Papyrus-RT Download page.

2. Scroll down to the Current Release section

Papyrus-RT RCP Section.png

3. Download the Papyrus-RT Installer for your platform

Papyrus-RT Installer OS.png

4. If it has not been done during the download, expand the downloaded archive file. 5. Run the Papyrus-RT application by double-clicking on it. You will get the first dialog:

Papyrus-RT Installer start.png

6. Click on the "Papyrus-RT" entry. On this screen, you can modify some of the installation parameters. Note that Java 8 is required for Papyrus-RT v0.8 and higher.

Papyrus-RT Installer choices.png

7. Agree to the licence by clicking on [Accept Now]

Papyrus-RT Installer license.png

8. The installer will then proceed with the installation of Papyrus-RT on your computer.

Papyrus-RT Installer installing.png

9. You may be asked to accept unsigned content - click on [Accept].

Papyrus-RT Installer Accept unsigned content.png

10. You will then be offered the opportunity to immediately run Papyrus-RT.

Papyrus-RT Installer Launch.png

You can now Run the tool and try one of the Tutorials to become familiar with workings in Papyrus-RT.

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