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Port Requirements

Port kind

  1. A port can be of 5 different types:
    • Relay
    • External Behavior
    • Internal Behavior
    • SAP (Service Access Point)
    • SPP (Service Provision Point)
  2. A ports should follow the workflow:
    1. The isBehavior, isService and isWired properties depends on the type of the Port
    2. The isPublish is derived from the isWired and isService as
      isPublish = !isWired && isService
    3. The isConjugated property can be set whatever the kind of the port.
    4. The isNotification property should be disable for Relay port only.
  3. The Port Property View should look like this:
    1. For the Visibility :Service ports shall be public and non-service ports shall be protected.

Capsule Requirements

Capsule Part Requirements

Protocol Requirement

Protocol Message Requirements

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