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Profile Update


Here are the steps to update the UML-RT profile and its addendum UMLRT StateMachines

Update the profile itself

It is located in the plugin org.eclipse.papyrusrt.umlrt.profile.

  1. Edit the *.profile.di file, and do the changes there. Ensure you have the validation profile annotation loaded (Profile selected > Property view > Applications > loaded)
  2. Ensure the profile validates
  3. Save and do not generate a definition. These are static profiles, no need to define them to use them
  4. Reload the genmodel files (Right click on the .genmodel-file > Reload... > OK (etc...)
  5. Generate static profile code from the genmodels root (open the gen model file > generate model code)
  6. (Optional) Modify the URI of the profile in the plugin.xml if you made an uncompatible change (as removing a stereotype or a property). Adding elements is not considered as being uncompatible.
  7. Update profile plugin version number
  8. Update the tests on the profile

Update dependencies

  1. Update all version numbers for Plugin and dependencies (search and replace is the working solution for now) for plugins, features and releng project
    1. Currently (0.8.0 version), all version numbers are synchronized to facilitate the deployment
    2. Search and replace should be done on all files in the whole workspace, with all plugins / features / releng project
    3. This should impact those files: pom.xml, Manifest.MF,
  2. Update the validation plugin
    1. DSML Validation extra from Papyrus should be installed
    2. Open the Profile Di files with Papyrus
    3. Right click on the root profile > Generate validation plugin for this profile
    4. Check the plugin.xml has only correct changes.
    5. Also check any changes to MANIFEST.MF and and revert any unnecessary/incorrect changes

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