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PTP/meetings/May 2011

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May 2011 Meeting

Date: May 10, 2011 Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 888-426-6840
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-000-1018
Toll Free (UK): 0808-234-5071
Passcode: 1929888 ** this month only **


  1. Status Reports
    • Next builds, releases
      • 4.0.x Helios
      • 5.0 Indigo
        • RC1+2 is Tues May 17
      • Parallel Package of 5.0.0 on Indigo
    • Testing plans for coverages of features, platforms
    • RDT and remote status
    • Resource Managers
    • Monitoring
    • PLDT
    • ETFw, other tool integrations (GEM, PPW, etc.)
    • Photran
    • Help changes for 5.0 - incl. New & Noteworthy
    • Other PTP contributions
  2. PTP User call report
  3. Other Business
  4. Next meeting - June 14, 2011


  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  • Jeff Overbey, UIUC
  • Wyatt Spear, U.Oregon
  • Roland Schultz, ORNL
  • Jay Alameda, NCSA
  • Al Rossi, NCSA
  • Mike Kucera, IBM
  • Claudia Knobloch, Juelich
  • Chris Recoskie, IBM
  • John Liu, IBM
  • Fernanda Foertter, Genus Plc


  1. Status Reports
    • Next builds, releases
      • 4.0.x Helios - 4.0.7 any day now, all projects ready.
      • 5.0 Indigo
        • RC1+2 is Tues May 17. RC2-4 each week after that.
      • Parallel Package of 5.0.0 on Indigo
        • Added this milestone: jaxb and jgit. Beth plans to add Linux Tools' autoconf, and XML editor for new JAXB res mgr infrastructure. Al agrees this would be a good idea.
        • Wyatt asked about installation for other subprojects like TAU - Beth responded that inclusion to parallel package is generally aimed at features that do not have any other pre-reqs. Users can install "the rest" from the update site. Wyatt mentioned that they can direct users to their TAU site and it will install the TAU-specific plugins for PTP too.
        • M7 EPP build is available on M7 package build page
          • new Icon for parallel package drawn by Greg
    • Testing plans for coverages of features, platforms
      • See PTP/testing/5.x#Test_Matrix
      • Be sure to test what you signed up for; all rows covered except for PPW, and Max B assured Beth via email he would. (Confirmed by ptp-dev post by Max shortly after the call)
      • A note to ptp-dev reporting on your testing at each milestone/RC build would be a good idea.
    • Indigo PTP 5.0 features
      • New Resource manager framework (Al) - Al plans to replace old PBS Res Mgr with new one. Others will remain in legacy RM framework.
      • Still need final hookup between monitor and control - with Claudia and Wolfgang. Should happen soon.
      • Creating new res mgr via import wizard - it recognizes which ones are JAXB framework vs. old.
      • Rsync header file support is not done:
    • RDT and remote status
      • RDT (Chris) - Remote gnu toolchain is in, Big update to sync RDT cloned content from CDT and bring RDT up to date with CDT has been done by John (e.g. Call Hierarchy). Now handles recursive calls.
      • Rsync remote projects (Roland)
        • Main features are working: create project, auto-sync with remote server. Can sync with several remote hosts - always syncs to 'current' host as set in current build config.
        • If a change is made on remote machine, there is no merge capability with changes made locally. Hope to fix this shortly after Indigo release. Now conflicts are not handled. Must be done manually.
        • Performance for large projects will be worked on after release as well.
        • Help for Rsync projects - Roland will work on this.
        • Jeff will try Rsync projects for Photran soon.
        • Roland said he copied RDT builder (considered adding extn point to RDT builder, might do that later instead); changes include need to wait for sync to finish before build, and enabling more than one remote machine - additional tab in Build config to specify the remote host.
        • Jeff thinks Photran will probably work; Roland is concerned about builder not waiting until sync is finished to initiate build.
        • Roland will write content for New&Noteworthy for rsync
    • Help/Doc
      • Al is starting on this for new RM framework. Developer info probably belongs on developer wiki. User-oriented info of how to use new res mgr belongs in PTP user help; PBS is probably the only new Res Mgr for now.
    • Monitoring (Claudia)
      • discussion on showing status. Changes to UI will appear in Parallel Runtime Perspective - running and wiaiting jobs, node dispay. Can activate/deactivate by columns. Hiding/showing columns. Claudia learning SWT and JFace for implementation. Interaction between views - uses color to map job and nodes.
    • PLDT
      • Beth working on bug where Artifact fn call wrapped in #define function doesn't get visited in AST walk. Does show up for DOM AST View (which is now installable from the "CDT Tests" feature only visible by uncategorizing features in CDT update site). So probably we aren't walking down a particular AST node that #define fns are wrapped in. Beth is debugging.
    • ETFw, other tool integrations (GEM, PPW, etc.)
      • GEM (report filed by Alan Humphrey via email)
        • GEM is remote enabled (in M7).
        • Extensive updates & additions to the GEM help plugin have been created (in M7).
        • GEM section on New & Noteworthy page is fully updated on PTP Wiki.
        • Started work on a new scalable version of the Happens Before Viewer. This will be a new Eclipse view and will replace the older, external tool. This new view will probably not be ready for Indigo.
      • ETFw (Wyatt)
        • Still improving remote file support. Not complete yet.
      • ETFw Feedback view (Beth)
        • Beth intends to fix one discrepancy between general and sample plugins before Indigo.
    • Photran (Jeff)
      • Will finish testing soon. Jeff will be on vacation first two weeks of June.
      • Undergrad summer student may work on windows install package.
    • Help changes for 5.0 - incl. New & Noteworthy
    • Other PTP contributions
  2. PTP User call report
    • Last month's call was cancelled due to conflict
    • Next User call is May 25 2pm ET (4th Wednesday) See PTP/PTP_User_Meetings
    • Volunteers for demo topics:
      • May 25 - Jeff will demo Photran
      • June 22 - Al will demo new res mgrs. This is Indigo release day!
    • Jay will send out ptp-user and other emails a week before to maximize visibility of PTP Users' calls.
  3. Other Business
    • Al had a question for Chris about killing remote connection and still getting -1 return code... will ask on ptp-dev
    • Questions about Juno (Eclipse release for 2012) - Eclipse 4.2 - more info needed!
  4. Next meeting - June 14, 2011

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