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PTP/meetings/June 2014

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June 2014 Meeting

Date: June 10, 2014 Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 888-426-6840
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-000-1018
Toll Free (UK): 0800-368-0638
Passcode: 2221402


  • Overall project, releases, etc.
    • Last release was Kepler-based PTP 7.0.5 with Kepler SR2 on April 11
    • Next release is Eclipse Luna with our Luna-based PTP 8.0 (Luna == Eclipse 4.4)
    • Future releases: point release at SR milestones like CDT project does?
      • E.g. PTP 8.1 at Luna SR1, 8.2 at SR2, etc. This allows us to add new features more than once a year.
  • Outstanding bugs for Luna
    •  ?
  • Downloads (see bottom of page): Parallel Package: over 164K for Kepler-SR2 ( over 208K for Kepler-SR1) Parallel package
  • Follow-up on last month etc.:
  • PTP User meeting next meeting - June xx - ideas?
  • Status Reports
  • Future planning for 2014 possible PTP tutorials/outreach?
    • XSEDE -Monday July 14, 2014, Atlanta - Conference is July 13-18, 2014 in Atlanta
    • SC14 - Nov 16-21 2014, New Orleans (Submission complete, awaiting word if accepted) - two half day tutorials, intro (thru build,run,monitor) and advanced (debug, perf tools, etc)
    • SC14 BOF has been submitted
  • Next Meeting July 8


Greg, Beth, John, Roland, Wyatt, Jeff, Chris N, Steve B, Dave W


  • Greg is taking on TM Project lead role, thus combining meetings. TM has not been very active lately. Greg has done their release review etc. along with PTP.
    • TM is closely aligned with PTP, we are using RSE and Terminal support within PTP
  • Kepler releases are all done (last release 7.0.5) , all dev is on PTP 8 and Luna
  • Today is the final build day, RC4+2, last opportunity for Luna release, but we can do our own service releases
    • can rebuild up until about 5pm if needed
    • About 2 weeks of quiet period - for testing - to identify critical bugs - we could do an 8.0.1
      • we can't do the
      • does EPP include our update site? "Check for updates" only uses what user have installed from
        • Bug #, also bug to rebuild EPP package
  • N&N and release notes need to be updated. Need to remove old stuff from release notes
  • Bugs fixed in luna
  • Release plans? Do a minor release at SR dates to incorporate new features? Discussion
    • Minor releases possible if new contributions are available. would need a release review.
    • what is the threshold for a minor release? minor API change or new eclipse feature. adding new functionality is fuzzy. PR is enhanced by minor release.
    • keep your API baselines up to date. chicken and egg problem, need further discussion if new features are added.
    • (Roland + Greg discussion) from now on master will be SR1 . bug fixes on 800 branch, merged into master. master branch always aimed at next SR
    • Summary: continue to have bug-fix branch 8_0 for bug fixes, and merged into master. At SR time, use master branch for the SR. if there are new API or new feature, put into master and we will determine then if we need minor or major release or point release and determine the version. e.g. 8.1 vs 8.0.1
  • Hackathon for PTP at LSU in August
    • doodle poll for dates - settled on Aug 12-13 at LSU
      • need to update website for dates, advertise it e.g. to TM and science WG as well. Greg will send invite, forwarding something from ptp-dev
      • travel assistance: is available from Steve at LSU, as well as possibly from Jay at NCSA from SI2 grant. Hopefully we can get some new folks involved.
      • We should nominate bugs to be worked on during the hackathon prior to the meeting - could vote in Bugzilla
  • Outstanding bugs for Luna
  • Greg has been ruthlessly closing bugs and requesting updates. Need to make decisions on if we're going to fix them. Now < 130 bugs open.
    • query: advanced search page for bugzilla, keyword field "needinfo" field
  • June 25 next PTPuser meeting/demo/call. Steve can do GUI terminal demo. Can anyone else do new Luna features demo? If not we may postpone.
  • XSEDE14 PTP tutorial - greg,beth, wyatt,steve,jeff,chris (galen?)
  • sc14 - if tutorial is accepted, jeff can come w/o travel support, roland might be there anyway too. Beth may not have funding to participate
  • Dave W - PTP opencl demo, done in April (no code committed, so not in Luna) useful for point release?

Parallel Package Downloads

Download numbers, by month, of 'Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers' available on Each release (e.g. R,SR1,SR2) the counts are set to 0 and restarted.

Release Month Downloads Total Downloads
Indigo SR1 thru Feb 2012  40,298
Indigo SR2 thru June 2012 64,860
Juno (4 days!) June 2012 902 902
Juno July 2012 8169 9071
Juno August 2012 19,112 28,009
Juno September 2012 47,648 76,457
Juno SR1 September 2012 5346 5346
Juno SR1 October 2012 65,353 70,699
Juno SR1 November 2012 58,796 129,495
Juno SR1 December 2012 57,811 187,306
Juno SR1 January 2013 63,350 250,656
Juno SR1 February 2013 39,877 290,533
Juno SR2 March 2013 41,367 41,367
Juno SR2 April 2013 36,372 77,739
Juno SR2 May 2013 28,575 106,316
Juno SR2 June 2013 22,521 128,853
Kepler R (5 days) June 2013 4003 4003
Kepler R July 2013 26,070 30,073
Kepler R August 2013 26,732 56,805
Kepler R September 2013 28,751 85,556
Kepler SR1 (4 days) Sept 2013 4670 4670
Kepler SR1 October 2013 40,440 45,110
Kepler SR1 November 2013 48,723 93,833
Kepler SR1 December 2013 39,648 133,481
Kepler SR1 January 2013 36,085 169,566
Kepler SR1 February 2013 39,193 208,759
Kepler SR2 February 2013 1189 1189
Kepler SR2 March 2013 57,038 58,227
Kepler SR2 April 2013 52,080 110,307
Kepler SR2 May 2013 41,033 151,340
Kepler SR2 June* 2013 164,365

June* downloads as of June 9

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