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PTP/meetings/December 2012

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December 2012 Meeting

Date: December 11, 2012 Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 888-426-6840
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-000-1018
Toll Free (UK): 0800-368-0638
Passcode: 2221402


  1. Overall project, releases, etc.
  2. Status Reports
    • Bug status/triage
    • PTP Core/debug
    • RDT and remote status
    • Synchronized Projects
    • Resource Managers / Target System Configurations
    • Monitoring
    • PLDT
    • ETFw, other tool integrations
    • Photran
    • Docs, Help, N&N
    • Other PTP contributions
  3. Education and Outreach
  4. Other Business
  5. Next meeting - Tuesday January 8


  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  • Carsten Karbach, Juelich
  • Wyatt Spear, U.Oregon
  • Brian Watt, IBM
  • Dave Wootton, IBM
  • Chris Navarro, NCSA
  • John Eblen, ORNL
  • Jeff Overbey, Auburn U.
  • Jay Alameda, NCSA
  • Galen Arnold, NCSA


  • 6.0.4 release will probably be in January, to fix CVS Perspective bug, among others
  • Kepler M4 is Dec 19
  • Total downloads of parallel package as of today is 154, 184 (see more details at bottom of page)
  • We still should probably have a bug triage meeting to encourage each other to clean up bugs. Some progress has been made since Sept. meeting in Chicago.
  • Sync Projects - John E - Scanner Discovery bug fix - about a week ago - should populate depending on build config. Code Analysis should use this. There are two providers, Compiler Info and Parsing the build. So Paths including remote paths should be updated when a build is done. Doc has been added to the help.
    • UNC notation used by John's fix for Remote paths needs Greg's CDT fix (see SC12 tutorial page for details - - bug fix for remote includes). (Greg has since opened a bug to get it into the CDT build.)
    • now working on Environment management. Data to be stored per build config instead of by project. Works for building, now working on launching.
    • Other todo's include (1) better sync monitoring support when it gets stuck, report what's happening (2) select where git is on the remote machine if it's not on PATH (3) more efficient way of indexing via git 1.7 (Roland did this)
  • Target System Configs
    • Galen has Blue Waters update to XML for Target Sys Config - will open a bug and attach. More free form input for parameters. Forms shorter and neater. Need to deprecate/remove old BW configs.
      • Jeff says he can help Galen with BW TSC, since he did the original one.
    • Doug James interested at TACC. Will talk about PTP next week at TACC Software days - "Having It Both Ways: Eclipse PTP on Desktop and Cluster." Wants to develop new config for Stampede. Based on Jeff's Lonestar with changes for SLURM etc. Brian plans to attend the TACC SW days. See and details on
    • Christoph is giving PTP tutorial/talk in February.
    • Beth is planning to provide categorization/filtering of TSCs - our list of supported configs is getting long. This is a good problem to have.
    • Dave W has made some PE/LL bug fixes.
    • Beth encouraged all TSC supporters to update help for the new JAXB versions. Use OpenMPI/GridEngine for example. Only needs a short section on specifics of your TSC. See org.eclipse.ptp.doc.user/html/rms/openMPI.html for instance as a model. Add a new file under rms/ and link in the launching help. Beth can link it up, just ask.
    • Carsten/Juelich - has 3 TSCs for Juelich, committed to ptp_6_0 and master.. 2 TORQUE and 1 MOAB. Can choose GPUs and architecture of GPUs. Also BG/Q JuQueen, can define email address for notifications about job status.
      • Monitoring: working on LSF adapter. Only has access to one system (at Dresden). Interested in monitoring testing too, need another example system. Anyone have an LSF system we can test on?
      • Can configure layout of monitoring perspective - test rendering/layout without running jobs, checking node display and job lists. Split data in lang LML schema into layout and data separately. Can put layout in the TSC. Allow configuring each TSC separately.
  • PLDT
    • OpenACC was of interest to ORNL Keeneland - queries from ORNL before their SC12 tutorial. OpenACC and other PLDT features are useful when learning new API.
    • OpenMP 4.0 may subsume OpenACC functionality. We will monitor to see if this would be ready for Kepler. Jeff thinks they are backward compatible.
  • ETFw:
    • Wyatt has some bug fixes.
    • Chris N's next step is to open a bug to attach prototype code. Will separate into two bugs, 1 for etfw and one for jaxb changes. Not totally complete yet but can get feedback. Greg can help with legal requirements. Chris will explain usage in the bug (or wiki).
  • Photran (Jeff) - Ralph's software engineering class is working on some features. Scalability mode for turning off some features for very large files is one. Jeff will work with the author to get it integrated.
    • Jeff plans to look at fortran breakpoint bug (breakpoints are currently broken?)
    • Photran plans no API changes for Kepler so will bump Photran release to 8.1 (instead of 9.0)

  • User meeting in Chicago - See for details including presentations.
  • User call Nov 28 - Greg presented standalone Eclipse RCP app for monitoring "Sysmon"
  • User advisory board list of interested participants is being gathered by Jay. Will set up an initial call. Contact Jay if you are interested and haven't told him.
  • No user call Dec 26. Next one is Jan. 23. Ideas for topics welcome.
  • Jay advised that XSEDE 2012 deadlines for tutorial/paper proposals are much earlier this year (March?). (XSEDE is in San Diego July 22-25)

Next meeting is Tuesday January 8, 2013.

Parallel Package Downloads

Download numbers, by month, of 'Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers' available on Each release (e.g. R,SR1,SR2) the counts are set to 0 and restarted.

Release Month Downloads Total Downloads
Indigo SR1 thru Feb 2012  40,298
Indigo SR2 thru June 2012 64,860
Juno (4 days!) June 2012 902 902
Juno July 2012 8169 9071
Juno August 2012 19,112 28,009
Juno September 2012 47,648 76,457
Juno SR1 September 2012 5346 5346
Juno SR1 October 2012 65,353 70,699
Juno SR1 November 2012 58,796 129,495
Juno SR1 December* 2012 23,738 153,233

December* downloads as of December 14

<< Previous month stats | Next month stats >>

By Platform

By platform - through December 14 (Juno SR1)

Platforms 7/31 Totals 9/30 Totals 9/30 % 12/14 totals 12/14 %
Win32+Win64 2443+3218=5661 33118+35516=68,634 90 76446+76911=153,357 96
Linux32+Linux64 608+2225=2833 1711+4270=5981 8 1528+3258=4786 3
Mac32+Mac64 136+441=583 557+1285= 1842 2 539+946=1485 1
Total 9077 76,457 100 159,628 100

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