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PTP/meetings/April 2013

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April 2013 Meeting

Date: April 9, 2013 Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 888-426-6840
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-000-1018
Toll Free (UK): 0800-368-0638
Passcode: 2221402


  1. Overall project, releases, etc.
    • Next builds, releases
    • Download stats (see below)
      • Juno SR1 Parallel package - 291,258 total to 2013-02-28
      • Juno SR2 Parallel package - 52,851 total from availability 2013-03-01 to 2013-04-09
  2. Status Reports
    • Bug status/triage - still need to schedule
    • PTP Core/debug
    • RDT, Synchronized Project, Remote status
    • Target System Configurations (previously known as Resource Managers)
    • Monitoring
    • PLDT
    • ETFw, other tool integrations
      • GEM status for Kepler
    • Photran
    • Docs, Help, N&N
    • Other PTP contributions
  3. Education and Outreach
    • Monthly PTP User call - last one was Wed Jan 23 - see PTP User Meetings - website needs to be updated
      • Next meeting???
    • Tutorials, BOFs, other outreach opportunities
  4. Other Business
    • EclipseCon was March 25-28 in Boston
  5. Next meeting - Tuesday 2013-05-14

Reminder to discuss: (Beth) toolchain names: consistency, use of 'Remote' or not, help choosing.


Greg Watson, Beth Tibbitts, John Eblen, Wyatt Spear, Dave Wootton, Carsten Karbach, Chris Navarro, Brian Watt, Jay Alameda


  1. Overall project, releases, etc.
    • Next builds, releases
      • 6.0.5 was released Mar 15;
      • Do we need a 6.0.6? Several commits have been made to that branch - No urgency for a 6.0.6 release; release only if necessary (no requirements from anyone so far)
        • Greg is doing a tutorial before Kepler release - if tutorial based on Juno then a release may be worth it.
      • 7.0.0 Kepler
        • M7+3 is 5/8: We should test with the Repository on Wed. that week. Greg is testing building the parallel package locally (not building standalone SysMon locally)
    • Download stats (see bottom of page)
      • Juno SR1 Parallel package - 291,258 total to 2013-02-28
      • Juno SR2 Parallel package - 53,850 total from availability 2013-03-01 to 2013-04-09
  2. Status Reports
  • Greg reported interests at EclipseCon in PTP features
    • CDT - more interested in cross-compiling than sync projects. Remote Debugger interest possibility
    • LinuxTools folks are more interested in remote support
    • CDT Summit - they will stay on Java 6; New E4 APIs: decided not to user (would preclude running on 3.8)
    • New CDT Launch Configs (not until Luna? More "webby" and dynamic)
  • Remote work - Greg continues remote work moving and separating to separate sync projects from CDT. (Generalizes synchronized projects so could be used with other project types). Will it be put into Eclipse Platform? Probably not.
  • Brian - new CDT launch combines tab - not a good fit for PTP now.
    • ORNL presentation at EclipseCon on RCP launch/computation environment by Jay Billings was very nice
    • Greg met with Jay Billings - much interest, will work on possibly integrating with PTP. Will look at what could be contributed to PTP package with SysMon?
  • Greg is working with John E re: integrating sync projects with environment management. Goal to get it done before API freeze at M7.
    • working with Carsten specifying system layout - from client side. Merging LML and JAXB/TSC schemas.
  • John E - preference page for GIT Location. Env. mgmt. - can save per config.
  • Wyatt - UCAR last week: SEA tutorial (with Jay Alameda) on PTP. 17-18 attendees, very well received.
    • Some changes to ETFw need confirmation that they are OK for others.
    • Env Mgmt - on Juno can't order modules. Used manual textual entry - UI broken. (Bug 394130? logged. Fixed in Kepler.)
  • Remote Includes - couldn't get it to work for tutorial; can't override CDT properties page. (we could set our own which would write over it)
    • Greg has updated CDT remote include fix for SR2 - available at - Wyatt needs to try it
      • Greg is working on automatic setting of remote include paths
      • John's scanner discovery providers run on remote systems now.
      • C++ General/preproc Inc Path / Providers/ Sysc Providers - don't get selected by default. It "should just work". Runs compiler command on remote machine; args cause it to dump out includes used and they are added to the config.
        • Should be saved per config; takes a while to run it. Would happen at project creation time. Wait for 1.sync, 2.scanner discovery, and 3.index remote file. Takes a while to run it.
      • Greg is working on Env Mgmt Systems EMS to switch compiler settings - will have to wait
  • Carson asks Wyatt - Profile run with Score-P? (Performance Analysis package) X11 forwarding? Wyatt wants to have panes communicate in ETFw by Kepler release. For X11 questions, Dave W has some suggestions.
  • Beth - Filter on TSC selection list on launch config, Sync Filter UI streamlining. Next plan to tackle getting Remote (incl. LML) errors to the UI - save stderr output to supply in UI when errors occur. SC13 tutorial proposal submitted. Still to do: SC13 BOF Proposal.
  • Dave - LSF changes to use script instead of common info. Cleaned up Help.
    • Jay reports - stdout/stderr problems using LSF - asking Dave to look at it for Kepler. Workaround for SEA tutorial: sync stdout back to project directory.
  • Next meeting - Tuesday 2013-05-14

Parallel Package Downloads

Download numbers, by month, of 'Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers' available on Each release (e.g. R,SR1,SR2) the counts are set to 0 and restarted.

Release Month Downloads Total Downloads
Indigo SR1 thru Feb 2012  40,298
Indigo SR2 thru June 2012 64,860
Juno (4 days!) June 2012 902 902
Juno July 2012 8169 9071
Juno August 2012 19,112 28,009
Juno September 2012 47,648 76,457
Juno SR1 September 2012 5346 5346
Juno SR1 October 2012 65,353 70,699
Juno SR1 November 2012 58,796 129,495
Juno SR1 December 2012 57,811 187,306
Juno SR1 January 2012 63,350 250,656
Juno SR1 February 2012 39,877 290,533
==Juno SR2== March 2012 41,367 41,367
==Juno SR2== April* 2012 53,850

April* downloads as of April 9.

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