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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150212

(01:32:37 PM) elefthei_ [~elefthei@] entered the room.
(01:32:51 PM) elefthei_ is now known as lef
(01:33:05 PM) lef: Hi Paul, are we meeting here?
(01:34:06 PM) paulweb515: Hi lef
(01:35:06 PM) paulweb515: lef: yes, although michael has dropped me an email so I'll get status from him later
(01:35:32 PM) lef: cool, I'm having issues running node server.js
(01:35:43 PM) paulweb515: The official structure of the meeting is just a weekly status. 2 to 5 sentences describing what you wanted to do, what you tried, and what actually happened
(01:36:01 PM) paulweb515: lef: is that problem new? I thought everybody had a chance to run it before they left
(01:36:20 PM) lef: Yeah it is new, npm install can't seem to fetch nodegit
(01:36:58 PM) paulweb515: lef: you might want to check with your team mates
(01:37:10 PM) paulweb515: lef: they did something to how they consume nodegit
(01:37:21 PM) paulweb515: just a sec
(01:38:13 PM) paulweb515: This was last Friday's status call:
(01:38:45 PM) paulweb515: lef:
(01:39:18 PM) paulweb515: we're now using a "working" version of nodegit, not a stable one
(01:39:46 PM) paulweb515: lef: that's what it says. I'm not sure how you use a working version, unless you check it out and then somehow install it
(01:39:57 PM) lef: I see, that would explain why npm can't install nodegit properly
(01:40:39 PM) lef: paulweb515: I'm gonna try the process you describe in the minutes to get npm install to work
(01:41:45 PM) paulweb515: lef: I'd try asking on the bug for steps to use the working version of nodegit if you can't get it up
(01:42:13 PM) paulweb515: lef: how exactly is your npm install failing? Is it complaining about compiling the natives? something about c0x++?
(01:43:33 PM) lef: paulweb515: Now I'm running npm install and it won't say anything, but yesterday it had some errors with finding nodegit
(01:44:52 PM) lef: paulweb515: I'm trying to do the equivallent of 'make clean' so I can reproduce the error
(01:45:25 PM) paulweb515: If you look in your org.eclipse.orion.client/modules/orionode/node_modules directory, is nodegit there?
(01:45:43 PM) paulweb515: if you want to do make clean for that, rm -rf nodegit :-)
(01:47:32 PM) lef: paulweb515: Ah that's right, I did rm -rf node_modules just to be safe
(01:48:31 PM) lef: paulweb515: It fails to install the prebuild for nodegit but the compile step might actually work this time
(01:49:08 PM) lef: paulweb515: Is that the same problem you had on your system when installing nodegit?
(01:50:18 PM) lef: paulweb515: alright npm install worked without errors, but 'node server.js' throws an exception.
(01:50:33 PM) lef: paulweb515: module.js:340
(01:50:33 PM) lef: throw err;
(01:50:33 PM) lef: ^
(01:50:37 PM) lef: Error: Cannot find module './git/index'
(01:51:13 PM) paulweb515: lef: are you up to the latest?
(01:51:45 PM) paulweb515: lef: I mean, is your branch of albert's repo up to date?
(01:51:50 PM) lef: paulweb515: I have 0.2.0 in my package.json
(01:52:16 PM) paulweb515: I mean, did you do a git pull recently?
(01:53:17 PM) lef: paulweb515: yup, I'm on the latest branch
(01:54:15 PM) lef: paulweb515: npm install can't fetch nodegit from github
(01:54:19 PM) paulweb515: lef: the problem is requirejs says it can't find the git/index module
(01:54:38 PM) paulweb515: lef: that's what the Error: Cannot find module './git/index' means
(01:54:45 PM) lef: paulweb515: Installing the newest nodegit might solve this
(01:55:02 PM) lef: paulweb515: But my npm doesn't seem to be smart about fetching things from github
(01:55:45 PM) lef: paulweb515: This is the exact error I get: npm ERR! not a package /tmp/npm-22759-2vp1Z27E/
(01:55:49 PM) paulweb515: lef: it looks like a bug in orion
(01:56:11 PM) paulweb515: git.js:var index = require('./git/index');
(01:56:34 PM) lef: paulweb515: What's the point of that line?
(01:56:55 PM) paulweb515: lef: albert said they refactored everything into the /lib/git directory
(01:57:21 PM) paulweb515: lef: each require loads another javascript module:
(01:57:21 PM) paulweb515: var clone = require('./git/clone');
(01:57:21 PM) paulweb515: var remotes = require('./git/remotes');
(01:57:21 PM) paulweb515: var branches = require('./git/branches');
(01:57:21 PM) paulweb515: var status = require('./git/status');
(01:57:21 PM) paulweb515: var config = require('./git/config');
(01:57:21 PM) paulweb515: var index = require('./git/index');
(01:57:27 PM) paulweb515: Looks like they didn't check in index.js
(01:58:10 PM) lef: paulweb515: I'll send a note to albert
(01:58:20 PM) lef: paulweb515: he probably forgot to do git add
(01:58:24 PM) paulweb515: Comment on the bug that the last commit seems to be missing a file
(01:58:34 PM) paulweb515: Mei-Vern is the author
(01:58:40 PM) paulweb515: commit 80ebacdb5448e6b1755be91c4320da7ea7495cfd
(01:58:40 PM) paulweb515: Author: Mei-Vern Then <>
(01:58:40 PM) paulweb515: Date: Mon Feb 9 00:01:11 2015 -0500
(01:58:40 PM) paulweb515: Manually merged clone with index changes in git.js.
(01:58:40 PM) paulweb515:
(01:58:40 PM) paulweb515: Signed-off-by: Mei-Vern Then <>
(02:00:17 PM) paulweb515: lef: OK, unless you have any other status, I think that's it. Please comment on the bug, and hopefully that file will get added shortly
(02:00:39 PM) paulweb515: I'll turn this into another status page
(02:00:54 PM) lef: paulweb515: Alright added the comment. Other than that I'm still working on git init.
(02:01:11 PM) paulweb515: OK, thanks
(02:01:14 PM) lef: paulweb515: Thanks :)
(02:01:22 PM) paulweb515: TTYL

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