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Orion/Documentation/User Guide/Reference/Git Credentials Storage

Git credentials storage

Git Credentials Storage is used to store credentials for remote git repositories so that they needn't be entered each time a remote operation is performed. Storage must be enabled by going to the Settings->Git Settings page and checking the Git Credentials Storage checkbox. After storage is enabled, when you are prompted for credentials while performing a remote operation such as fetch, pull, or push all, you provide your private key and (and optional passphrase) and check the "Don't prompt me again" checkbox. At this point, Git Credentials Storage will provide credentials for subsequent operations on that remote.

Enable storage

Go to Settings page and click on the User Profile settings category. Check the Enable Storage checkbox. Click on the Update command in order to enable the storage mechanism.

( Note that the Storage is disabled by default.)


Provide private key and/or passphrase

When performing an operation on the remote, you will be prompted for credentials. Click the More button in the prompt.


Now you will see the git credentials dialog with an additional Don't prompt me again checkbox. Provide your private key either by copying it into the Private key text area, or by uploading it from a file. Provide your passphrase if you have one. Be sure to choose the Don't prompt me again option and click Ok.


From now on, your private key and passphrase are stored in the Git Credential Storage and automatically provided whenever required.

Delete credentials

In order to delete all git credentials for a particular repository go to User Profile category on the Settings page and find the repository in the storage list. Click on the corresponding Delete button for the repository.


Technical details

Git Credentials Storage is based on the persistent local storage available in modern browsers. Please be aware, that all git credentials are stored in a plain form in your local browser. Clearing your local storage will erase all stored credentials.

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