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Documentation for Orion is divided into two major books:

Orion User Guide
A guide for end users of an Orion-based application. This documentation avoids any technical jargon or implementation terms that do not already surface in the user interface.
Orion Developer Guide
A guide for people building Orion-based applications or extensions. This includes information on our APIs, and more detailed technical documentation on the concepts and design of Orion. This is sometimes also referred to as Independent Software Vendor (ISV) documentation.

Documentation Guidelines

Orion documentation is authored primarily on this wiki. This documentation is then converted into standalone HTML documentation in the build using Mylyn/WikiText. All child pages of this page are included in Orion builds. This documentation is held to a higher standard than typical Eclipse wiki content. The following rules must be followed:

  • Do NOT move or rename any of these pages without updating the corresponding build script.
  • Follow the style guidelines in the Eclipse Doc Style Guide.
  • Documentation must remain up to date with current features in origin/master in our Git repository.
  • Only include documentation for fully implemented features. Do not include design plans for future feature work, or other transient developer documentation.
  • Do not use wiki Category tags on these pages, as they do not convert nicely to HTML

All other documentation, such as information for committers and contributors to the Orion project, should remain elsewhere on the Orion wiki.

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