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Orion/Documentation/User Guide/Reference/Git Commit page

Git Commit page

The Git Commit page allows you to see a detailed description of a single Git commit. This page includes all the usual Git commit details and shows in-line diffs for commit changes. You can also perform operations on commits from this page, such as tagging and cherry-picking the commit into your current active branch.

For help with common Git tasks see Working with Git.

Opening the Git Commit page

To open the Git Commit page, click on any commit link in the Git Log, Git Status, or Repositories page.

You may also use the Open Commit command (Ctrl+Shift+H) from a Repository view page, which opens the commit page for the given commit name (sha1).

Open commit command dialog

Git Commit details

The Details section includes all the usual Git commit details such as author, committer, summary, and parent commit. The toolbar allows you to Cherry Pick the commit to your active branch, revert the commit or Ask for Review. In the Tags section, any tags on the commit are shown, and actions for removing tags or adding a new tag are available.

Git commit details


The Changes section shows a list of all the file changes that make up the commit. Each commit can be expanded to show the diff inline, or the expand all/collapse all buttons at the top of the section can be used to open or close all change diffs. Once a diff is opened, you can toggle between Side by side or Unified views of the diff. You can also click the Compare link to open the compare page, or Working Directory Version to see the current file version in the editor.

Git commit diff

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