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Orion/Documentation/Developer Guide/Icons

This page is outdated.
Most icons in Orion are now provided by an icon font. Sprites should be avoided.

Icon sprites

When adding or updating an icon, the sprite file must be updated as well. Instructions are as follows (see Bug 360041):

To add a new image to the sprite:

  1. copy the image into the bundles/org.eclipse.orion.client.ui/web/images/ folder.
  2. add the image to in alphabetical order.
  3. run<code> to create <code>
  4. go to spritegen, specify the zip file, horizontal and vertical offset: 2px and add the Class Prefix : core-sprite-. Leave the other defaults.
  5. press the create sprite image and css button on spritegen.
  6. click the save image button to download core_sprites.png.
  7. cut and paste the css into images.css<code>
  8. add the new sprite entry to <code>core_sprites.html
  9. open core_sprites.html in a browser to see the new sprited image.

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