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Orbit Minutes 071127


  • Joel Cayne
  • Christian Damus
  • David Williams
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Kim Moir
  • DJ Houghton



We had a bunch of open bug reports about adding new bundles and fixing a few bugs. Did we release all the changes yet?

  • batik 1.7 - still in beta so we will wait until 1.7 is officially released before we put it in Orbit
  • Action: DJ to ping people about open bug reports

Eclipse 3.4 M4

We are fast approaching the Eclipse 3.4 M4 release. We need to lock down n-1.

  • promote I-build Friday, November 30
  • promote S-build Friday, December 7
  • Action: DJ to send note to mailing list with dates

Source Bundles

The Eclipse Platform is moving to a new format for source bundles. It will allow them to be packaged individually, be JAR'd, and specify that they are a source bundle in the manifest file rather than via the extension registry. (plugin.xml)

  • still need to update wiki with new instructions
  • DJ will update all the source bundles initially
  • Don't fix before Ganymede milestone (Jan 11) to make things easier for a re-build if necessary

Next Meeting

  • TBD

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