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Orbit Minutes 070529


  • Hubert Leung
  • David Williams
  • Tom Watson
  • Christian Damus
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Jeff McAffer
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Kim Moir
  • DJ Houghton


Review action items from last call

IP Log info

DJ to give an update on Orbit IP Log info web page generation. (student project)

  • no more progress
  • make sure we have a generic tool - use with Equinox Bundles and others for instance
  • people are gathering information for their own release reviews
  • is this required for Europa? not a stop ship


David to give an update of where we are with splitting up the Xerces APIs bundle.

  • have to be careful about releasing a bundle name and changing it later
  • if they are combined, then we shouldn't name it something that we might want to split it out into later because that would cause problems for people who require bundle
  • what about putting the API jars into Xerces and shipping it as one jar for now?
  • David to talk to other Europa teams to ensure this won't break people
  • do we really need to break the APIs into 3 bundles? (javax.xml, dom, sax)

Source Bundles

Summary of source bundle events the past 2 weeks.

  • Doc for submitted a source bundle - Orbit Source Bundles
  • Ant script is there which does most of the conversion work
  • Pascal created doc for adding to your build - Orbit Source Bundles In Your Build
  • Problems when you import source bundles as source
  • Shape of source bundles is fixed because of the way source look-up works
  • [Done] Christian to update a new version of the script to the wiki


Jeff to summarize legal info discussions with the Foundation.

  • Summary of discussions:
    • if projects want to use something in orbit, they put in a CQ in orbit and one in their project.
    • the one in orbit is the master (legal approval for the library).
    • then any other project wanting to use that project, must enter a CQ.
    • ip log info maintained in orbit
    • tools-pmc responsible for review releasing the bundles
    • delegated to projects using those bundles
    • add to ip log which projects are using the bundle and its CQ
    • about files to be attached to the Orbit CQ for the bundle and then foundation can sign off on them
  • Still need to create a doc and flush out details.

Other Discussion Topics

Stable Build

  • create source bundles
  • start checking about files
  • promote late Wednesday

Next Meeting

June 12, 2007 at 1000 EDT, Agenda: Orbit Minutes 070612

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