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Orbit Minutes 070515


  • Christian Damus
  • Hubert Leung
  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Tom Watson
  • Jeff McAffer
  • Kim Moir
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • DJ Houghton


Review action items from last call

IP Log info

DJ to give an update on Orbit IP Log info web page generation. (student project)

  • Many IP Log files have been created by bundle owners
  • Still some left to do
  • Code is almost ready for integration into the build process.
  • Action: DJ to integrate with build


David to give an update of where we are with splitting up the Xerces APIs bundle.

  • David not present at call to give update.

Bugs Blocking Orbit

There are a few bugs in the platform which are serious enough to be blocking Orbit.

  • 163746, 183608, 176183
  • If we have 2 features that both include the same bundle and we install the features to 2 different extension locations, then when we start Eclipse and go to the Manage Configurations page there is automatically a red X on one of the features.
  • This is not a regression from Callisto - problem existed in Eclipse 3.2
  • Wasn't a blocker in Callisto so it is hard to argue that it is a blocker for Europa.
  • Update Manager isn't currently being developed so it will be hard to get the necessary changes in.
  • Its close to the release and the necessary changes are most likely not trivial so it will be hard to get approval for release.
  • Therefore these bugs will not be fixed for Europa.

Other Discussion Topics

Source Bundles

In Orbit we produce all these bundles but they don't have source and we don't want to include source in them all so we need a means of producing separate source bundles.

  • Pascal and DJ have been working to get this done.
  • Ant tasks and build changes have been identified.
  • Bundle providers will create nested source bundles with a specified format.
  • Pascal has written an Ant task to help create this format.
  • Wiki page (Orbit Source Bundles) will describe layout and process.
  • The Platform will have source bundles in RC1.
  • If they can't be produced as part of the Orbit build, then we will create them manually.
  • TPTP said they will be consuming source bundles for the next milestone.


A new version of JCraft is ready for Orbit

  • Action: DJ to release new version
  • The pre-built JAR is already signed but we're not sure by who
  • Michael is contacting the bundle provider for more info. (we also have tools which will tell us)
  • In Orbit we will not re-sign pre-built JARs.


People are confused by Orbit and the legal process. What do they need to do to contribute a bundle to Orbit? What do they need to do to consume a bundle from Orbit?

  • Jeff has been talking to Janet to flush out the details.
  • Recommendation is that when people want to contribute and use a third-party library bundle, they enter a CQ for Orbit (master) and then one for their project (e.g. WTP).
  • The release review for the Orbit bundles will be delegated to the consumers of the bundles.
  • Need a new status: one for "ready to use" and one for "ready to release".
  • "ready to release" is set after feedback from the consumer. They say "we have looked at this bundle and the about files and believe it will pass our release review".
  • Action: Jeff to create wiki page for CQ related HOWTO information


We are getting close to the Platform 3.3 release, do we anticipate many more changes in Orbit before then?

  • We will promote a build to stable later this week so the Platform team can consume it.

Next Meeting

May 29, 2007 at 1000 EDT, Agenda: Orbit Minutes 070529

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