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Open Model CourseWare (OMCW)/resources/chapter11

Open Model CourseWare (OMCW) Available Resources (Teaching Material)

Chapter 11 - MDE cases studies and success stories

This chapter presents non-trivial examples of application of MDE techniques and real-life cases where MDE has been successfuly applied.

List of Files

Case Study: MDE in a Sale Management System This case study presents a concrete application of various MDE techniques within the context of a sale management system.
Case Study: The BibTeXML to DocBook Transformation This case study presents an explanation of the transformation from BibTeXML format to DocBook format. Transformation definition is expressed in ATL.
Case Study: Transformations between Ant, Make and Maven This case study presents transformation definitions based on the metamodels of the popular tools Ant, Make, and Maven. Currently, only transformations from Ant to Maven and vice versa are provided.
Modelling support for QoS This lecture presents the Modelling support for Quality of Service (QoS).

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