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Open Model CourseWare (OMCW)/resources/chapter01

Open Model CourseWare (OMCW) Available Resources (Teaching Material)

Chapter 1 - Prerequisite Language Level

This chapter mainly presents two languages required for understanding the content in the other chapters: the part of UML for creating class diagrams and Object Constraints Language (OCL). Note that the presentation of the full UML 2.0 is given in Chapter 5.

List of Files

Assertions, Constraints, and OCL This lecture explains the usage of OCL in specifying assertions and constraints in the context of design by contract.
Awareness Model-Driven Development tutorial for managers This tutorial aims at providing Model-Driven Development basics for managers.
MDD Basics This lecture presents the UML basics and MDA basic concepts.
OCL 2 Short Lecture This presentation contains a short lecture about the Object Constraint Language in Version 2.0.
OCL 2.0 This lecture covers Object Constraints Language 2.0.
UML and Object Orientation. The Fundamentals This lecture presents the basic principles of object orientation and their application in UML.
Usage of OCL This short lecture introduces the usage of OCL (Object Constraint Language) for design guidelines of models.

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