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Object Teams/Editing

General hints for editing OT-related pages in this wiki.

Source code listings

Please enclose any listings of OT/J code like this

<source lang="otj" line="1"> 
public team class MyFirstTeam {}

Which renders as

  2. public team class MyFirstTeam {}

The "line" option inserts line numbers in the left column, just omit this if no line number are desired.

For unknown reasons listings with line numbers by default don't get the nice box drawn around them. To restore this behaviour insert this at that top of your page:

.source-java { border:#2F6FAB 1px dashed; background-color:#F9F9F9; padding:4px; }
.source-otj { border:#2F6FAB 1px dashed; background-color:#F9F9F9; padding:4px; }

Object Teams Wiki Templates

We currently have one OT-specific wiki template: Template:Otjld, which can be used to easily insert links to selected paragraphs of the OTJLD (OT/J Language Definition).

Wiki Categories

Currently we maintain these categories:

For placing a new wiki page into one or more of these categories simply insert (at the bottom) something like the following text:

[[Category:Object Teams]]

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