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Category:Object Teams Examples

Collection of some examples for Object Teams

The following examples are also shipped with the OTDT:

Try it live:
In a running OTDT you can easily import these projects into your workspace by selecting from:
File > New > Example > ...
  • Stopwatch - simplest, straight-forward view-model separation
  • Observer - mostly simple, re-usable implementation of the Observer pattern, yet comprehensive coverage of many Object Teams concepts.
  • ATM - simple, demonstrates the use of guard predicates (OTJLD §5.4)
  • FlightBonus - advanced, shows separation of use cases (flight booking vs. bonus) plus view-model separation on top of an OT/J implementation (simple UI)
  • OrderSystem - advanced, shows three-layered domain logic (Stock, Reservations, Order) plus view-model separation on top of an OT/J implementation (complex UI)

External examples

These examples are not part of the distribution and not hosted at

  • Company Hierarchy - technically ambitious example featuring two connected visualizations of a company hierarchy. The example exhibits a design where almost everything in the application is modeled using teams. The eaxmple show cases the following design features
  • using team inheritance for refining a complex structure
  • using the Connector pattern for binding a complex structure to the application
  • using roles from a library team as externalized roles
  • using teams for implementing dynamically switchable variants of the application (the adapted base classes being roles themselves).


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